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Errick Ford

Suite Konnections/Magik Digital

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It’s Time To Create Your Webestate!

The new application where social meets function & exceeds all possibilities


Fort Worth, Texas: Suite Konnections, along with Magik Digital, announces the launch of Suite Konnections, Webestates, your new online home.  Suite Konnections allows you to put everything you do online, every file you use and all your social contacts and accounts in one place. Simplify your online and digital world with a home for all you do, designed by you.


Available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store, Suite Konnections is easy to use, uniquely customizable, and offers several tools in one place to simplify and konnect your online world to the everyday!


The official launch party will be held October 28th.  This event is a by invitation only, black tie, red carpet affair.


Please join us in welcoming the newest innovation to online communities, productivity tools and merging your online and busy life, being created right here in Fort Worth, Texas!


Finally, a place to share and be productive with none of the political or marketing bias that distracts us from our goals.


Our Beta release includes our Konnect With Me social platform, file storage and several new tools to keep at your fingertips for a simplified, streamlined, productive life!




About Suite Konnnections:

Suite Konnections is founded by Errick Ford and located in Fort Worth, Texas.  The creator of the Konnect With Me social platform and Suite Konnections Webestates bringing a fresh idea to social media and community.  Creating a platform that will be your online home.  One place for all you do online, customizable to be uniquely yours!